Emeka Christian Eze is a Nigerian, who played for Rangers International before joining Al Masry. He was among the team that lifted a domestic league trophy with Rangers FC after 30 years. He told CAFONLINE what it takes playing in the CAF Tournament for the first time, expectations and experience.

Question: May we know you:

Answer: My name is Emeka Christian Eze, former Rangers International and now Al Masry defensive midfielder.

Question: How do feel leaving Nigeria league at last after a long political delay and struggle with Rangers management?

Answer: I feel grate leaving Nigeria League even when Rangers International did everything to frustrate my movement abroad despite all the sacrifice I made for them.

It was a good thing because my dream finally come through. Every player wish to play in Europe and I don’t think mine was a different but all the same they are story for the gods now.

Question: how many matches have you played and goal scored this season Al Masry?

Answer: i have played 11matches this season without a goal before i got injured..And am hoping to be back in field of play soon with goals.. 

Question: You had groin injury how long will it take for you to recover,? 

Answer: yes, I got injured( groining injury)during CAF game against pyramid SC . I have been out for 1month now and I’m hoping to be back soon.

Question: How would rate CAF Confederation Cup this season:

Answer: Humm what can I say, I have played in the CAF Tournament with Rangers and now Al Masry, I will say this season is the best because we have game week in and week out. It keeps every team on their toes. It makes every team in the tournament serious and not underrated. Days are gone when home team must win at home and away team must lose.

I must say CAF has done so well to improve every team that is participating in all their competitions. No one believed that Rangers will beat Pyramids in Egypt, not only that TS Galazy FC of South Africa making first appearance in the CAF tournament and still stand firm. I must say there is alot of improvement and if they continue with this development, Africa will lift World Cup sooner than you think.

Question: What is your experience like so far in the CAF tournament?

Answer: my Experience are huge I must say, because it ha not been easy from the start of the competition to the group phase. Playing different teams from different countries base on how you are grouped wasn’t that easy that all.

I must say it has been a wonderful experience for me as well as my expectations. I hope my team plays to the finals and I will be part of the last glory as well.   

Question: How do you feel beating your former club Rangers in Egypt?

Answer:  Haahaha i don’t really what to say but I feel good because Rangers is like foundation club to me. We won due to the determination we put in the game besides Rangers really gave us a tough time but luck was on our side.

Question: From what they played, do you see them standing out in the domestic league since they are out of CAF tournament with 7points even if they win their last game?

Answer: yes , because Rangers is a strong team. They remain the only club that never go on relegation since its foundation 1970 till date and the spirit of “never say die”is still running in the club.

From the performance I saw against pyramid SC and against us they will still come up and be at the top of the league. They have experienced players and don’t forget they have played well in the CAF tournament.

Question: Your team will be playing against Rangers last game in Nigeria,  do you see them picking away point and do you regret not making the team?

Answer: hahahah, yes of course I see them ( Al Masry Sc) picking point against Rangers even though we have qualify to the next stage but we have to finish strong in the group ,though is not going to be an easy game for us.. if I have the opportunity to be part of the team, that will be excellent but what can I do, yes I will feel bad because this is one game I was hoping and praying to play but as you can see luck is not with me but I wish my team mates good luck and fun in Enugu.

Question: Any hope of playing in the national team?

Answer: Hahaha, I don’t know for now. I cant really say but if I am invited, well I will honour It but for now let me focus on my club games


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