Former Super Eagles Coaches Westerhof, Bonfrere in Legal battle in Holland

    Former Super Eagles Coaches Westerhof, Bonfrere in Legal battle in Holland

    Two former Nigeria coaches, Clemens Westerhof and Johannes Bonfrere are locked in a legal battle in far away Holland, over allegations of match-fixing during Nigeria’s USA ’94 World Cup campaign. revealed that Coach Westerhof has sued Bonfrere for defamation of character and is praying that the Rechtbank Gelderland High Court in Arnhem, Netherlands should ask his former assistant, Bonfrere to clear his name after he(Bonfrere) was quoted as having accused him of selling the match between Nigeria and Italy for $100,000.

    Sometime in April 2020, Bonfrere was widely quoted by the Nigerian media of having said in an interview with highly reputable Sport Radio, Brila fm that his former principal and colleague, Coach Clemens Westerhof sold the World Cup group match, which Nigeria lost 1-2, no thanks to a Roberto Baggio second half brace.
    Bonfrere, said in the interview, “Yes everyone blames the coach. The coach did something wrong and we lost before the game started,” Bonfrere revealed.

    He continued, “He sold the game for $100,000, that’s why we lost against Italy. If you don’t believe, you can ask the players.”

    As expected, Westerhof, who is regarded as Nigeria’s best coach ever, foreign or local, rose in defence and vowed to clear his name, claiming that his former assistant, Bonfrere should be ready to prove his allegations in a court of law.

    Westerhof said, “Bonfrere’s allegation is not true. It is a lie. He wants to bring my name in bad light. He knows that the people in Nigeria like me. What happened was that we lost to Roberto Baggio’s two goals, the last was a penalty kick. We lost by two goals to one. That was what happened.”
    The case came up  yesterday at the court and after cross examination, Bonfrere denied he ever said anything like that against Westerhof and claimed that he was being framed by the radio house to fan embers of hatred between him and his former boss.


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