Chikeluo Iloenyosi will Bring grassroot development in Anambra State- Emmanuel Anaemena


    Liverpool based Football player agent Emmanuel Anaemena has stated that Chikeluo Iloenyosi as Anamabra Football Association Chairman will open doors for development following in contacts both in CAF and FIFA as well the World.

    Anaemena who is also a stake holder in Anambra FA told recently that ,” I do not understand the politic they are playing in my state. Honestly i think most of the men in Anambra FA are acting blindly.

    “What is bad in given Iloenyosi the mandate he deserve. He is one person that has all the connection we will need to develop football in Anambra. He has both FIFA and CAF connections,” He said.

    Infact i don’t think the state know what they are about to lose if things continue this way.


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